Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wait, listen to me. I'm 13!

Thirteen years ago, a baby and a mother were born.
The baby, soft and sweet, set out on her adventure called life.
The mother followed, loving, nurturing and treasuring each moment.
The baby turned into a child and ran away from the mother eager to make the most of each new day. The child learned that there was nothing like the safety of a mother's embrace and returned often.
The mother let the child run and explore and learn and always welcomed her back.
The child met with obstacles and learned how to climb and how to go around and when to ask for a boost.
The mother watched with tears and pride and fear and love and learned when to boost and when to back away.
The child turned into a young woman and sometimes there was drama and sometimes there were tears and usually there was responsibility and always there was love.
The mother felt like the clock was turning unusually fast and wanted to slow it down.

The young woman still runs away from the mother eager to make the most of each new day.
The young woman sees a future bright with hope and opportunity and fun.
The mother knows there is fun ahead along with rocky shores and obstacles. The mother knows that her baby, her child, her young woman will return often for the safe embrace. The mother is content with her role to know when to boost and when to back away.


Stacie said...

So great Jennifer! Happy Birthday Emily! Hope it's a great one.

Danette said...

That is beautiful! Happy Birthday to Emily. Celebrate!

Alisha said...

I stand in awh. I don't know how you find your words, but you amaze me.
Happy Birthday Emily!

GramMO said...

Ditto ditto Jennifer. There's a good reason Emily is such a beautiful YW.Your words curve lovingly around you both. It's a beautiful combination. Happy Birthday AND Happy Mother's Anniversary

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