Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Look, we have the same hands.

Recently, I had two experiences with my children that reminded me of some small memories of my own childhood. When I was four, we lived in a townhouse that was very close to the post office. My mom was a prolific letter writer and we would often walk from our house to the post office to mail her latest letter to one of her sisters. Along the way, growing on the ground were Wild Morning Glory. My mom and I would always stop to pick them and put them on our noses. Then we would inhale to keep the flower sticking to our nose. It was just a funny little thing we did. Also, on the way to the post office were lots of wild Mulberry trees. We would pick Mulberries on the way and eat them.

Spencer is going to summer school for three weeks to give him an extra boost he needs before starting 1st grade. He really doesn't like going and it is a battle every morning to get him to get ready and get in the car. On the third or fourth day, I noticed a Mulberry tree beside the parking lot. I took Spencer over to it and showed him how we can eat the berries. At first he was leery of eating something that didn't come out of a wrapper or a drive thru, but he finally tasted them. As we walked into the school, I noticed Wild Morning Glory growing along the sidewalk and I showed him my mom's trick for holding them on your nose. He was smitten with this idea too.

Now, when I get him up in the morning to go to school he asks me if we can eat some of the berries before he goes into class. There is no more struggle about not wanting to go. Thanks, Mom, for sharing something with me that I can share with my own babies. Thanks, Lord, for giving me a mind that traps little memories and keeps them forever.


lissyfarnz said...

So sweet!

GramMO said...

ohhhh that was a tender gift to share. Thank heavens for all those who've gone before who look down and help us out

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