Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You have a girl. Unless I cut the wrong cord.

My little Lizzie is nine months old today. Hard to believe! Seems like she was just born about two days ago. She is still as sweet as can be. She smiles and giggles and babbles all the time. She has gotten the hang of eating solid food as long as it isn't baby food. She will pretty much eat anything we are eating. Her favorite is dessert just like me! She is crawling like a pro. I can't believe how fast she picked it up. She only spent about two days doing the crawling prep (rocking on hands and knees, scooting backwards) and then she was off. When I put her down, she heads for the kitchen because she knows there is probably food bits on the floor she can eat. Last night during family prayer, she was zipping around between all of us and finally pulled herself up on me. She reminds me of a doll my mom had called "Baby That-A-Way." My mom bought it at a used toy convention and named it Emily because she said she always wanted a baby named Emily. (Hence, my use of the name.) It was a little doll that crawled and it's tushy wiggled back and forth as it moved. Lizzie looks just like that! Liz is still a little bitty thing. Her hands and feet still look like they are from a newborn. There isn't much pudge on her anywhere. This past week was her first time in the pool and she LOVED it. It was fun to see her so happy, splashing and playing in the water.

To know Lizzie, is to love her!


The O Family said...

she is such a sweet girl. Sweet and dainty.

GramMO said...


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