Sunday, July 5, 2009

You think he's funny? You think this is cute?

Sometimes I get the giggles at inappropriate times. Usually it's at church and something will hit me in a funny way or a child will say something funny. I'll have to breathe really slowly and read the hymnal to get myself under control.

This Thursday, I had the giggles at the ultimate inappropriate time. Anna and I were sitting together waiting for our temple session to begin. She looked at me and whispered that she really needed to wash her socks. I looked down at my slippers which have a strange red streak on the side of them. I don't know where one would encounter anything that would put a red streak on their slipper in the temple, but nevertheless I have a red streak on my slipper. So I say (unable to think of the word "slipper"), "I really need to wash my booty." Just typing that made me giggle again. Anna starts giggling and then I am giggling and trying so hard not to burst out in loud laughter in the session room! All I have to read is my card so I start concentrating really hard on Jane Brewer born in Canada in 1873. My head keeps thinking "booty...booty...booty." Finally, I get myself under control. It was pretty silly.

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