Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...but I'm sure there are many people who do not like me. Jerry, don't say that.

Today I had a booey moment.
I know it's hard to believe but people in my neighborhood do not like me.

There are several reasons for that.this. Once I left our garbage cans out a day later than I was supposed to before bringing them in. Someone called the Township office and had us cited. Our dog sometimes gets out of the house and roams the neighborhood while we chase her and try to catch her and bring her home. She also barks at EVERYONE. Loudly. It annoys people. Once, about 3 years ago, Calvin and Spencer were playing in the yard. Calvin was 6 and Spencer was almost 3. They were yelling at a little girl who lives two yards over. They wanted her attention and were throwing sticks and rocks toward her yard. The sticks and rocks were going no where near her or her yard, but her mom flew off the handle at me. I took the boys over and they apologized. I understood how she felt. If boys were throwing sticks and rocks at Emily when she was little from 10 yards away I would have been mad. But I knew that my boys meant the little girl no harm. They were just trying to get her to play with them. So that mom has hated me for a while. She won't smile or wave when I drive by. She gives me a stony stare. Another lady yelled at me once because our front door made a loud bang when it closed. The pump thing was broken. I backed into another neighbor's truck last year causing some minor damage. Our insurance took care of it and he is still friendly, but his wife never waves or smiles at me. Like I said, I'm not well liked by the neighborhood.

Today when I went to pick up the boys from the bus, there were four moms waiting, including the mean mom who hates me. They were all talking about their kids and school. Mean mom gave me her stony stare and kept talking. I wasn't included. I felt stupid. So, I texted Chris and told him to call me so that I wouldn't have to stand there doing nothing. He did and we talked for a minute and I felt a little better. I wish those ladies could see me with my friends who really like me. I wish they could see me with my sister. I wish they knew that my Facebook friends like me and think I'm worthwhile to know. I wish they knew that I'm nice and fun. Alas, I fear that I will not get another chance with them. All my bad first impressions are doomed to last forever.



Lil said...

They are missing out on having an amazing friend and I am glad you realize it is their problem, not yours! It sounds like people around there need to lighten up and develop a sense of humor...

Brenda said...

Your neighbourhood could never handle us. I often leave my garbage can out; if I don't go anywhere I don't think about it. My kids are noisy, but so are everyone else's. Jordan has been known to knock on neighbour's doors before 8 in the morning. He is constantly on the look out for someone to play with. It seems like we always have a construction project going on. Tonight there was a bobcat running until almost 9pm. I would love to be your neighbour. I am sure glad my neighbours don't ostracize me for not being perfect.

Teresa Murphy said...

I'm glad you are my friend - I feel so blessed!! I wish you were my neighbor - Your neighbors are really missing out.

Courtney said...

Don't give it a second thought, Jen. You're an amazing person to know and I am grateful to have you as a friend. Those people don't sound very happy or forgiving. No way to live life, that's for sure!

Sara said...

Sheesh - they really chose to miss out on you! You're hilarious and real. I like that!

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