Sunday, September 20, 2009

That's the news. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

I had a really busy weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

Friday night I bought 4 carts full of pop, water and Gatorade. That's a lot of drinks.

I worked in the Steeler's snack shack all of Saturday. I made coffee for the first time in my life and I'm told it tasted alright. It was really hard work and my feet were so tired when i got home on Saturday night. The best part of the snack shack was seeing all the kids who wanted to volunteer to help. Those cheerleaders and football players who didn't have to help but came to me eager to volunteer really made me feel great. The Plymouth-Canton Steeler football program is full of great families. I'm glad we are a part of it.

Because I was in charge of snack shack, I didn't get to see my boys play their games. However, I got the biggest hugs from them after the games were over. I got to listen to their enthusiasm for the games and the success they felt. Both boys are not in traditionally lauded positions. Their hardwork largely goes unnoticed. Poor Christopher barely ate all week in order to make weight on Saturday. After the game was over, I loved to be able to serve him several cheeseburgers, pizza, walking tacos...anything he wanted. Best quote of the day came from him, "Mom, could I sleep in the floor on your room tonight because I want to talk to Dad all night about my game?"

Chris did the announcing for the games. He did a great job. Just ask the UD for the Westland Meteors. I mean Comets. Seriously, he did a great job.

Sweet Emily was home with the kids from 8AM until 8PM. That's a really long time. She handled it perfectly. I love her for her sacrifice.

I got to tell my kids over and over again: go ahead and eat it.

On Sunday I got to give a talk on the joys of Family History. I love love love Family History. I'm glad I got to share my joy with others.

I got to hear my little Lucy calling, "Gager...Gager."

I got to see my sister's beautiful homemade skirts at church. They looked so nice! And such lovely models.

I also got to teach my new Primary class. I already love each of my students. They were thoughtful and respectful during class. I appreciated how willing they were to share and to help. A couple of them broke into song during class, in a very appropriate way. How wonderful is that to see a 10 year old boy singing a Primary song for his classmates. I loved it! We also got to do Sharing Time for the senior primary. I can almost not describe how much I enjoyed being with the children and sharing the Gospel with them. It was truly wonderful.

Got to watch the Emmy's with Chris. Good times. Neat, neat fun.

Best. Weekend. Ever.


Anna said...

You are a super woman. I love you so much.

Jennifer said...

Not super. Just regular. Love you so much too.

Brenda said...

Only a super woman gets asked to do sharing time on her first week in Primary -- for a regular person that would have been postponed.

Tiffany W. said...

Wow! You sure have a good attitude! I think if i had to do all those things... I would be complaining... not rejoicing! :) Way to go!

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