Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

I've been thinking a lot lately about second chances. I'm really thankful for them. This week in particular I've had a myriad of experiences that reinforce how important they are. I am someone who needs a lot of second, third, fourth and sometimes thirtieth chances. My husband is really good at giving more chances. I think maybe he has an unlimited supply. I hope he does.

Yesterday when I went to Kroger, I pulled into the parking lot and tried to pull my van into a spot that was too narrow. I backed out because I realized that the spot wouldn't work. As I was pulling out of the too small space, a car approached from behind me and (I thought)patiently waited until I was done getting the van into another space. I parked and walked up to the building. I heard someone call from behind me, "Ma'am, ma'am." I turned and saw a man running after me. He said, "You almost hit me when you were backing up back there." I said, "I'm sorry." Should I have said something else? I didn't think so. I didn't hit him. He did have a wait a bit for me to get myself situated in the space. It's hard parking that big van! He responded by mocking my answer, "I'm sorry," he said so sarcastically. "Learn how to drive, you b*&#@." He hurried by me into the store and as I approached I saw him waiting for me at the door. "You are a terrible driver." He yelled this at me as I walked in. I could see other people staring at us. " I wish you would have hit me so that I could have sued you and put your family on welfare." He followed me to where the aisles start and then hurried off. I was so shaken by this verbal assault that I had to stop and wipe away the tears that sprang to my eyes. I stood crying for a minute by the wines, which, if I were a drinking person, might have been added to my cart. What a horrible, mean man! I hope I never meet him again.

I read a great book yesterday called "Gossamer" by Lois Lowry. I recommend it to anyone who has dreams. It's a beautiful story.

Anna's mother-in-law gave me a wonderful bag for my temple clothes. I love it! I put something in each pocket. I can't wait to use it at my next visit.

I can't stand stories of child abuse. It hurts my heart right to the core. I heard one a few weeks ago and the evilness of it just went all through me. I couldn't shake it. I finally knelt in prayer and asked for help to forget this awful thing I had seen. I asked for the child to be happy (it's with the Lord so I'm pretty sure it is). Since then I have forgotten the horribleness of what I saw. Its like my mind got dry erased. I'm glad.

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Rachel said...

What a story! How does a person become that inconsiderate? You are such a good person for not yelling back as I'm sure I might have. I can't wait to talk about Gossamer at book club tonight. Loved it!

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