Monday, September 14, 2009

He worked last season as the pixie dust spreader on the Tilt-a-Whirl...

Em on scary ride!!

This past weekend was the annual Plymouth Fall Festival. I hate to say that it was disappointing...but it was disappointing.

Chris and I headed uptown on Friday for our date night. We were looking forward to some of our favorite food treats. But we were in for a surprise.

First of all, the Civitan club did not do their usual Yaki Tori burgers. They have been doing Yaki Tori burgers for as long as Chris can remember. At least 30 years. He loves the Yaki Tori. He dreams of it. He waits for it all year and saves all his calories for a week so he can blow them on the Yaki Tori. As we approached the usual spot for the Yaki Tori booth, we noticed it wasn't there. I could tell that Chris was starting to freak out. I told him not to panic, maybe they just moved the booth. We walked up and down the food displays. No Yaki Tori booth. He started to hyperventilate. We found the Civitan's selling candy and some other lame stuff. They claimed it was too hard to continue doing the Yaki Tori's because their membership is getting older.

Ok, so a big strike one. Our second favorite treat is the carnival Bucket Of Fries. Dripping with cheese and ketchup...soooo good. Nope. No bucket of fry booth.

Strike two. There's still the Funnel Cakes, right? Right? Wrong. No Funnel Cakes.

You might be thinking that we go to Fall Festival for the food. You would be exactly right. We go for the food and our three favorites were not there. We were so disappointed. We left and ate delicious caramel apples from Kilwins and headed home.

We took the kids up to ride rides on Saturday afternoon but let them know that we weren't getting food...there was nothing worth eating. Spencer took this to mean that there wasn't any food there and when we arrived, he kept pointing out all the food places.

Each of the kids got 11 tickets. At 3 and 4 tickets per ride, they had to budget their tickets and I was happy to see some sharing of tickets among them. Emily rode some of the scary rides. Christopher even rode one of the scarier ones. Calvin and Spencer and Cameron stuck to some of the tamer. Lizzie hitched a ride on Chris' back. We had fun waving at the kids while they rode.

Sunday was the annual Rotary Chicken BBQ. Grammy delivered our dinners right to our house! The chicken was great, the clean up was simple and I didn't have to cook a thing. Wonderful.

Spencer and Cameron on dragon rollercoaster.

Christopher on the Freak Out. I think he was freaking out!

Lizzie rode the best ride.

Cam on the train!

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