Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stop eating people's old french fries, pigeon - have some self-respect! Don't you know you could fly?

I love the Wendy's Breaded Chicken Sandwich. I don't remember when I first started loving this sandwich but I was probably in high school. Wendy's was my dad's favorite fast food restaurant. It was my job to cook dinner each night and if I ever just didn't feel like it, Dad would take us to Wendy's. We never went in and ate; we always ate in the van in the parking lot and threw french fries at the seagulls that lived at that lot. It was great amusement. I would always get a chicken sandwich. I loved the juicy chicken, the flavor of the tomato mixed with the mayo, the crispy lettuce. mouth is watering! The only part of the sandwich I didn't like was sometimes on the end, there was this gristly piece of chicken that was really gross. I would try and pick that piece off first.

One of my best high school friends shared this love of the sandwich with me. Sometimes after Young Women, we would stop at Wendy's and get a sandwich. She and I once drove really far for one. A post in itself would be my trip from Toledo, Ohio to Provo, Utah. I will have to do it someday. For now let me say that it was just Stacy, age 17 and me, age 18 in my Chevette, which kept overheating, in the middle of Iowa. We were separated from our caravan somewhere outside of Chicago. We didn't have cell phones then so here we were, two girls, traveling across the country by ourselves. We thought it was AWESOME! Our parents did not agree. So, we are in the middle of Iowa and decide that we want a Wendy's chicken. We start watching the exit signs and see McDonalds, Burger King, etc...but no Wendy's. So we keep going. And going. And going. But still no Wendy's. Finally, we are starving and decide we have to stop and eat somewhere so we go to Burger King. Their chicken is disgusting compared to Wendy's. The whole dining experience was so disappointing. We got back in the car and headed west and what do we see at the next exit? Wendys. UGH!! I have hated Iowa ever since. If I was ranking the states from 1-50, Iowa would be #50 right behind Kansas coming in at #49. Why is Kansas so long and sooooo boring? I don't know but I loathe Kansas. We finally met up with our group in Nebraska and made it to our stop in Wyoming. We spent the night in Cheyenne and the first thing we did was go to Wendy's and get a chicken sandwich. It was delicious!

For a while, Wendy's changed their sandwich. They thought it was an improvement, but it wasn't. They changed the bun and the lettuce. They took away the mayo and replaced it with some yucky sauce. It was nasty. Several years ago, they brought back the original Breaded Chicken Sandwich. I applaud them!

A couple of days ago, I got some Wendy's coupons in the mail. One of them is 2 chicken sandwiches for $5. I am dying to use it but need someone to share with. I do love the sandwich, but even though I'm eating for 2 (and have been for several years) I can't eat 2 sandwiches. Anyone interested in sharing a coupon, let me know.


Danette said...

I just have to say that your blog is absolutely hands down one of my favorites. You are a great writer and I feel like I know you better from reading it. (I secretly wish my blog was as good as yours in letting people know me, but then again, am I someone worth knowing like you? HMMM...) Anyway, I love that your blog titles are movie quotes and that you share tidbits of you. I just love it (have I said that too much?) Do you keep in touch with Stacy? How is she? I think about her and her family every once in a while and wish we could return to those innocent fun days.

Jodi said...

Um, I'll eat a sandwich with you.

Jennifer said...

It's a date. My coupon expires March 31.

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