Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We went to a museum, we saw priceless works of art! We ate pancreas!

This weekend, Chris had some appointments in good ol' Toleedo. I took advantage of the ride down and spent several hours with the kids at the world renowned Toledo Museum of Art. If you are an art lover, you know what a treasure the TMA is. If you don't love art, visit this museum and then you will. I have been to the museum before with children. But never with five. And never by myself. This was either going to be really wonderful or really horrible.

It ended up being wonderful. We saw lots of interesting pieces. The kids favorite was the mummy display. My favorite was the glass display. We were followed everywhere we went by highly efficient docents. I think they thought we might be a pack of vandals. In the end, several of them ended up complimenting my little brood and their excellent museum manners.

I highly recommend you take a visit. It's a wonderful (and free) way to spend an afternoon. We were there for 3 hours and I was starting to lose the children's attention at the end, but they were really good sports over all. Enjoy the photos. Many were taken by the children.

The Museum is a great place for a nap!

Christopher next to a very beautiful Van Gogh

Mom, I'm tired!!

My little thinkers

Photo in the Cloister, one of my very favorite parts of the museum

Posing by an outdoor sculpture.

Glass Windex bottle. Could it clean itself?

Calvin's silouette in front of my very favorite piece, Vitrana.

Famous Libby punchbowl.

I'm hungry and tired! Can we go now?

Emily doing some sketching.

A funny video shot by Christopher in the Cloister. This is going to be used by the TMA as what "NOT" to do in the museum.

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