Monday, March 17, 2008

Ugh, I can actually hear you getting fatter

In my opinion, the Easter season is the best candy season of the year. There are so many candies out that you can only get at this time of the year. This post stands as a tribute to all Easter candy.

One of my very favorites is Hershey's Eggs. I don't know when they first were introduced into the candy world, but I know I have been loving them for a really long time. These candies are solid milk chocolate with a crispy candy shell. I have received a bag of them in my Easter Basket since as long as I can remember. I would ration them and eat just a few a day so they would last longer. They are my very favorite.

Another favorite are Cadbury Creme Eggs. Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-gawk! These are so rich and yummy. I love the new addition to the family, the caramel egg. Also in the Cadbury line are the Mini Eggs. These are very, very good.

An Easter candy post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Jelly Beans. Jelly Beans are a staple of the Easter season. I love all Jelly Beans, including the often hated black licorice.

One Easter candy that I do not like at all are Peeps. They are just too sugary and yucky. I know some people really love Peeps, but not I.

Some newer Easter candies that I enjoy are the Milky Way and Crunch Eggs. They are delicious!

Russell Stovers has a wonderful Easter candy line including their chocolate bird nests. Soooo good! Also they have a great selection of chocolate eggs with flavored fillings. My favorite are the truffle eggs. Russell Stovers used to carry a Crispy Caramel-filled Chocolate Bunny that was sublime. Calvin was born a few weeks before Easter and everyone got the above mentioned Crispy Caramel-filled Chocolate Bunnies in their baskets that year. When I discovered how great these bunnies were, I liberated them from my children's baskets and put them in a cupboard way up high that only I could get to. At night, when Calvin would cry to be fed, I would sneak into the cupboard and eat a bunny. They were sooooo good! The next year at Easter time, I was looking forward to the bunnies and I could not find them anywhere. THEY WERE DISCONTINUED! I have tried several other brands of bunnies but nothing compares to the Russell Stovers ones.

Happy Easter Candy!


Suzy said...

I love those Cadbury's mini-eggs too. They are ridiculously good. I also must admit to liking Peeps, but only after they're a tad bit stale. You gotta open the package and let them sit for a day. They're better hard than soft. Weird, but good.

Stacie said...

My favorite are the cadbury mini eggs...definitely. I have also heard the stale Peeps theory. I think I eat one Peep a year. That is all I need (or want). My favorite jelly beans are the Starburst brand. Yum!

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