Monday, April 14, 2008

I am the thing from Uranus!!

Calvin had to do a science project involving space for school. This is a traditional assignment for the 2nd graders at Smith. Emily made a model of Sputnik. We even found Sputnik sounds on the internet and integrated them into her display. Christopher did a model of constellations in which we poked white Christmas lights through the display board in the shape of each constellation. When the time came for Calvin to decide on his project, he was set on making a model of his favorite planet. His favorite planet is Uranus.

Uranus has always been my least favorite planet for obvious reasons. The pronunciation is terrible. Before I even learned the connection to a certain body part, I was told the correct pronunciation was something like "Urine us." To me, that is just as bad as the other option. Upon researching Uranus with Calvin we discovered the planet was named after the Greek god of the heavens. I wish they would have chosen another name.

Calvin was oblivious to the potential embarrassment of either pronunciation. He was delighted with his model of the icy blue planet that causes me to snicker like a 4th grader every time I hear the name said.

Close up of Uranus

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Suzy said...

Ditto on the snickering like a 4th grader. Hee hee.

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