Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekly Top Five 4/21/2008

Top Five Favorite Grocery Stores

I hate big grocery stores. I hate them with a passion. I feel exhausted just thinking about pushing my cart up and down the enormous aisles. It is so tiring. I hate any kind of "Super Marts." I do not want to buy my food, clothing and lawn mower all in one place.

1. Churchills, Toledo, Ohio. I seriously dream of Churchills all the time. The potato salad. The cookies. The nice cashiers and baggers. If I had a million dollars I would reopen it and live there.

2. Country Markett, East Lansing, Michigan. Free Pop while you shop!

3. Sofo Foods, Toledo, Ohio. Meatballs to die for.

4. The Andersons, Maumee Ohio. Technically not a "grocery" store but they do sell food and, breaking an above rule, lawnmowers.

5. Holiday Market, Canton, Michigan. Don't really love it but felt bad about not including anywhere near where I currently live.

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