Saturday, April 19, 2008

"I Prefer..."

Lately my good post ideas are coming from Mark and Suzy Brown other people's blogs. I really liked this list idea.

PC to Mac.
Mozilla to Explorer.
Pencil to pen.
Sleeping in to early rising.
Elastic waist to button.
Regular lemonade to pink lemonade.
Raspberries to Strawberries.
Acoustic to electric.
Elevators to stairs.
The Beatles to everyone else.
TV to Movies.
Pie to all other desserts.
Chewy Chips Ahoy to Regular Chips Ahoy.
Sherbet to Ice Cream.
Letterman to Leno.
Paul W. to Mitch Albom.
Kroger to Meijer.
Aldi to Kroger.
Mexican to Italian.
Forests to Mountains.
Farmland to Forests.
Crocs to any shoe.
Barefeet to Crocs.
Roger Moore to Sean Connery
Ohio to Michigan.
Fruit to Vegetables.
White to Wheat.
People who don't know better to people who should know better.
Brad Pitt to George Clooney
Tom Cruise to Brad Pitt.
Chicken in a Biscuit.
Wendy's to McDonalds.
Subway to Wendy's.
Office Max to Staples.
Batman to Superman.
Bowling to ice skating.
Walking to running.
Chilis to Fridays.
Cheetoes to Chips.
Daffodils to Tulips.
8:30 to any other time Church.
Harry Potter to Twilight.
Autumn to Winter.
Spring to Autumn.
Summer to Spring.
Cook to Archuleta.
Cornwell to Grafton.
Homemade to storebought.

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