Friday, December 12, 2008

quod non me interficit me confirmat

Today I went to school to help the boys do their shopping for Christmas at the school's Secret Santa Shop. I dropped off Cameron at Anna's and took Lizzie with me. I had to park across the street because all the parking close to the school was taken. I made my way to the school, Lizzie on arm, got my "Visitor" sticker and then toted Lizzie out to the portable classroom where they had the shop set up. I helped Calvin choose a variety of presents including a very heavy, metal C-clamp (That's going to you, Tony, you big lucky!). Then the presents had to be wrapped and labeled. The whole system was not very well organized. Moms were wrapping and taking money and helping kids and presents were all over the place. It was a little frustrating. Calvin got his 20 gifts in a box and we set them aside because I said I would take them home. Next comes in Spencer's class. He picked some great gifts but passed on the c-clamp. Again with the wrapping and labeling only this time there was a crying baby involved. And about 5 mothers who must disapprove of letting babies cry a little because they were all clicking their tongues and giving me worried looks. So we get the gifts wrapped and labeled and bagged. I head out...crying baby in bucket on arm, box under other arm, diaper bag and two other bags of gifts slung over various arms and shoulders and neck. I shuffle out of the portable classroom to the school because I need to drop off a letter to Christopher's class for them to take home regarding their class party. WHY DID I SIGN UP TO HELP WITH HIS PARTIES????? Moment of temporary insanity, I guess. So I get to the closest door. Locked. I know its for the kids safety but, man, that box of presents was so heavy and now I was going to have to go around to another door. And I was freezing because my winter coat broke two winters ago and I haven't replaced it. And it was really slippery. But I continue on, shuffling around the school to the only unlocked door. As I make my way to Christopher's classroom, Lizzie is in full-blown scream mode now. I give the teacher the notes and he looks at me and says, "Could you close the door behind you?" I wanted to throw the box of presents at his head. I honestly expected him to ask Christopher to help me carry the stuff to my car but I guess chivalry is dead. I pick up my stuff once again and shuffle off to my car which is across the street. My arm, seriously, I thought it would break off. I kept saying in my head, "You can make it one more more, just one more." I made it to the car finally and just sat for a minute, relieved to be done with that chore. I was dreading coming home because I had left the house in a tornado mess getting ready to go. Luckily, I am blessed with a husband who anticipates my needs because not only was the house all picked up when I got home but he organized my "nursing basket" that I keep beside my bed. What a gem he is! Now, I need a nap.

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Stacie said...

Whew! That made me tired. I think you should have left the door wide open for that teacher!

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