Monday, December 8, 2008

Seven? Yeah, I guess I could see it. Seven.

I liked this tag post on Danette's blog. The top seven quirks of Jennifer Vos.

1. I always start my day on the Internet in the same way. Look at LDS website. Look at and vote on their daily poll,,, check obits on Toledo Blade to make sure no one I know has died,, Suzy's blog, Mark's blog, Danette's blog, Stacie's blog, Plymouth Library's site, Facebook and then the bank website. I can't do it out of order.

2. When eating candy bars, I try and nibble all the chocolate off before I eat whatever the center is.

3. When doing any chore, I will do it til it's almost complete. I always leave one little thing left to do before I move on. It drives Chris crazy.

4. I can't stand skin. I can't stand looking closely at people's skin. It makes me nauseated. Skin is completely disgusting. I could have never been a dermatologist.

5. I can't serve corn with spaghetti. I must have a green vegetable with spaghetti.

6. Like Danette, I am completely anti-hype. If there is anything at all that is popular, I go against the grain. I am not interested in Oprah's book club. In fact, I purposely do not choose her books. I do not want to see the movie that everyone else is rushing out to see. Still haven't seen Batman Begins or Dark Knight. Probably never will. Still haven't read Twilight. Probably never will. I hate it when something obscure that I love becomes popular. I was buying books on 13 years ago before they were huge. It bugs me that they are huge now.

7. I am totally annoyed with germaphobes. In my house, the five second rule is king.


Suzy said...

Totally the same with the Spaghetti...something green. Maybe it's a color combination thing. Funny.

Stacie said...

Just have to tell you...I read your post title before looking at what was ahead and wondered if you were making a baby announcement. :o)

By the way, I am also the same way with spaghetti!

Danette said...

I am so glad you like my blog! :)

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