Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thank yous by Jennifer Vos

Thank you to random grandma shopper in Meijer who bagged my purchases for me. I had two kids trying to escape from stupid cart and one screaming baby. She noticed my need and quietly, quickly filled my bags and set them in my cart as I paid. I thanked her but wanted to give her a giant hug. I didn't, tho, cause maybe she'd think I was a freak.

Thank you to mom in Spencer's class who decided to give all the children a wooden model kit of a boat, requiring not only assembly but sanding and painting as well. I think this was a really super idea! Do you catch my sarcasm because I'm laying it on pretty thick? So much for catching up on laundry today. J/K, Chris.

Thank you to Heavenly Father for creating babies. I could hold, feed, cuddle, take care of, rock, snuggle, change, and love a baby 24/7. Even a crying baby. I love babies more than anything there is.

Thank you to Anna for having such a great daughter. Lucy, I love you!

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