Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly Top Five 12/8/2008

Top Five People that I haven't talked to in at least over five years and would really just like to know how they are doing.

1. Amy Jasinski

2. Tiffany Cameron

3. Kathy Faiella

4. Becky Carter

5. Sheridan Richey

6. Paul Abegg


Suzy said...

Is that the Becky Carter who used to be in the Northville Ward? She's my cousin. Probably not though.

Jennifer said...

It is that Becky. I miss her.

Danette said...

Hmmm, Sheridan Richey-- I haven't thought of him in ages!!!! BTW-- did he make it into two blog posts today??

Brenda said...

Thanks Danette -- I didn't think I recognized any of the names until I read your comment and then it hit me -- I just didn't know him as Sheridan. I had someone else in mind for the other post -- too many years for it to be that Richey guy. The part that threw me was that "he didn't know". Usually everyone knew who Jennifer liked -- she wore her heart on her sleeve and she could sometimes be just a little bit dramatic. I'm sure I have seen her swoon more than once.
There are lots of people that I wonder about too.

Jennifer said...

No the other post was about Ephraim Washburn. I was a swooner!!

Brenda said...

Do you keep in touch with Eliza?

Danette said...

He was my other guess-- and yah, I knew it was too many years for it to be Sheridan, but I wasn't sure. I'm not sure I could post names on my blog. Not sure... btw, Brenda or Jennifer, I found Matt Brice's blog- email me if you want the link!

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