Saturday, February 14, 2009

And I know I'm late and I know don't deserve it, I need you I love you.

I am not in love with Valentine's Day. As a child I liked the party at school and giving out Valentines. I can remember picking my favorites out of the pack and giving one to the boy I thought was cutest in my class. As I got older, I hated Valentine's Day because I never had a boyfriend and hated watching the stupid happiness of girls who did. At my high school we could send Candy Grams for holidays to the all-boy's schools in the city and they would send them to us. I rarely got one but Valentine's Day of my senior year I did. I was so excited about it until I read it. It was a huge joke from some boys at one of the schools because of something I wrote about in our school's paper. It was humiliating. What I wrote in the paper is another post for another day.

I continued to hate Valentine's Day until 1994. I was living at MSU and still didn't have a date. My roommate did, however and she couldn't stand him. She was going out with him and two other couples. Half of one of the couples happened to be one Chris Vos, on whom I was totally crushing. I had to work until 7pm and my roommate kept begging me to come to where they would be after I got off work. She REALLY didn't like the guy she was going with. I told her there was no way I could crash someone's Valentine dinner. Around 5pm at work I get a call. It was Chris telling me that he wished I would join them at dinner. He hated for me to be alone on Valentine's Day. He said didn't like his date but had promised that he would take her out for Valentine's Day. Eeek! I was excited. I hurried home after work and changed into my cutest red jeans and a cream colored sweater. I put a red bow in my hair. Yes--I loved to wear bows in my hair. I'm pretty sure it was acceptable in 1994. I met the group at Chili's where Chris bought me dinner. He insisted even though everyone else was finished. I could tell the other girl was pretty pissed but I honestly didn't care. After dinner, the other girl went home (I can't remember her last name, but Kristen from MSU in 1994, I hope you are happily married somewhere) and the rest of us went to one kids dorm and watched a movie, "Heart and Souls." I can't tell you one thing about the movie because I was so nervous to be sitting next to Chris. When it was time to go home, we did a big cinnamon roll hug where everyone holds hands and then rolls together...can you visualize it because I can't write it. I positioned myself next to Chris so he was going to have to hug me. :)

The next day, he asked me out for our first official date. The date of our first date was February 18th. Exactly one year later on February 18, 1995, I took out my endowments at the Toronto Ontario Temple because we were being married on the 23rd.

Since then, we don't really make Valentine's Day a big to-do because our anniversary is just 9 days later. One year he wrote me a beautiful love letter that I read every once in a while because it is just wonderful. This year he is gone to Houston. I had the kids make Valentines for him and we were going to send them to the hotel where he is with some candy. I went to mail them but for Saturday delivery it was going to cost $95. That's NINETY FIVE. He is going to have to wait until he gets home. This morning I made heart-shaped pink pancakes for the kids. We had a fun breakfast.

So Happy Valentine's to everyone and have a great day!

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Lil said...

What an amazing beginning to a great love story! I love how valentine's day turned around for you...I felt the same exact way for years until I started dating Dave.

By the way, colored jeans and bows were so the thing in 1994!!!!

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