Thursday, February 5, 2009

Smile! It increases your face value!

I think my mom has the world's most beautiful smile. She doesn't just smile with her mouth; she smiles with her whole face. In fact, her Patriarchal Blessing talks about her smile and how it will bring joy to others. I notice smiles on others faces because they make me feel so good. On Sunday, at church, I saw so many smiles from good friends. I love looking at my Facebook page because I see so many friends smiles. A smile is a beautiful thing.

I was talking with a friend this weekend about how your face changes depending on your behavior and attitude. She was mentioning that she didn't recognize a mutual friend that she hadn't seen in a while. This friend went from living a Christ-like life to a more worldly life and perhaps it was showing on her face. I think it is so interesting that you can see on people's faces how they are living their lives. It is hard to keep the Spirit from glowing within you when you are living a good, honest, spiritual life. You don't put a bushel over your candle--you let your light shine!! I have a favorite poem that talks about this exact principle.

It Shows In Your Face

You don't have to tell how you live each day,
You don't have to say if you work or play,
A tried, true barometer serves in it's place,
However you live, it shows in your face.

The false, the deceit you wear in your heart
Will not stay inside where it first got it's start;
For sinew and blood are a thin veil of lace'
However you live, it shows in your face.

If you have battled and won in the great game of life,
If you feel that you've conquered the sorrow and strife,
If you've played the game fair and you stand on first base,
You don't have to tell it,It shows in your face.

If your life's been unselfish and for others you live,
Not for what you get, but for what you can give,
If you live close to God in his infinite grace'
You don''t have to tell it -- It shows in your face.

So smile! Let your light shine forth! It brings joy to a cold, dark world.


GramMO said...

You and Anna both have your mom's warm, loving smile. Thank you for these pictures and the so timely thoughts. GMOm

Sara said...

Thanks for the perk! I loved your happy post -- it made me smile! Happy Monday! Hope you're warming up there in the arctic.... :-)

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