Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I think we should shoot her

I got some more fillings done on my teeth today. The ones I had done last week are still sensitive so I can only eat soft stuff and chew with my front teeth. Maybe this would be a good new diet--the dental diet.

Chris leaves for Houston tomorrow and returns on Monday. Six whole days apart! We've never been apart for that long. I'm sad.

Today our stupid dog escaped when Cameron opened the front door for a second. She ran across the street. Spencer and Emily ran out to catch her. She ran around the neighbors yard for a while. He was out hosing his driveway off. (Why do men like to hose the driveway? Chris could do it for HOURS.) Emily and Spencer kept narrowly missing the dog. It was like the cow scene from "Anne of Avonlea." Spencer was tramping through their backyard which was FULL of dog poop. The man kept hosing. Nala would not listen to Chris on the speakerphone. Usually that will get her in. Spencer, Em and I were all trying to catch her. Finally the three of us cornered her between the neighbor's two RVs. He kept hosing. We dragged her across the street and put her in the bathroom for punishment. I dislike her so much.

On Sunday, I came downstairs from feeding Lizzie to find our silverware tray out of the silverware drawer and pushed up against the pot of chicken that was cooking on the stove. The silverware tray was plastic and was rapidly melting and smoking. I asked around, "Who did this??" Of course, no one did it. I was perplexed. I continued cooking dinner and realized that I hadn't seen Cameron in a while. I went looking for him. He met me at the boy's room door slamming it in my face, shouting, "No, Mom!" I opened to door to find four containers of chocolate pudding lined up on the desk with a knife nearby that had been used to open the lids. There was some pudding on the desk and on Cameron and on the floor. The mystery of the silverware tray was solved. He had taken it out to rummage around in the drawer and find the knife to open his puddings.

I mean this with all sincerity: I love my life.


Alisha said...

That explains the emotion I thought I sensed about the pudding during our visit today! :)

Sara said...

I love it that there's another kid in the world that pulls stunts like my preschooler! Thanks for the reality check! Glad to hear you love life in spite of that dog and the stunts!

AmyB said...

Congratulations on a job well done, Cameron! By the way, do I get extra points for naming the movie quote? Ferris Bueller.

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