Thursday, August 14, 2008

but, sorry about your car, man. That... That sucks.

It's very interesting to me that my last four posts have been about cars.

Well, we lived for 4 days on one car and made it work and now Chris' work gave him a car to use so we are back to two cars. We try to downsize and get rid of our Jeep and now he's driving a Cadillac. So much for appearing to live modestly. Luckily, we don't have to make the payments; just buy the gas.

I don't really care about what kind of cars we drive. I have a 12 passenger van with no extras and vinyl floors. It fits my needs exactly. Growing up, we usually had junky or hand-me-down cars. My mom and dad had this ginormous Cadillac when I was a little girl. It was rust colored which was good because the rust blended right in. It had an armrest that came down in between the front seats which I called, "the hump." That was where I usually sat. After the giant Cadillac broke down too many times, we moved to a little red Chevette. It also had vinyl seats, no radio and no air conditioning. I hated that feel of vinyl on your sweaty legs in the summer. Ugh. In addition to the red Chevette, my dad drove a tiny Toyota that was many colors. The hood was blue, there was a yellow door and a white door. I can't remember the rest but I know there was some gray, unfinished metal and a lot of rust. It was pretty awesome. After the red Chevette, we got a gray Chevette that had cloth seats and a radio(AM). I was pretty sure I had moved up in the world. Cloth seats! What a luxury! The next two cars we got were blessings from grandparents. We got a used Oldsmobile station wagon. I thought that was cool because the rear seats faced backwards. We also got a Chevy Astro van equipped with a handicapped ramp for my dad. Not so cool.

I inherited the gray Chevette when I left home and drove it into the ground. Luckily Chris inherited a much better car, a Ford Explorer. We drove that into the ground and then bought a Jeep Cherokee with a payment of $79 per month. Hilarious!! That began our love affair with Jeeps. We have always had such good luck with them.

I like a nice, reliable car as much as the next person but I don't need fancy. I don't want the cost of fancy. I just want practical and enough seats for my growing family. Thanks, Marygrove, for making us a two car family again!

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