Saturday, August 2, 2008

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around.

Today was significant for two reasons. Number one, Emily got the Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer book and has had her nose buried in it since she got home this morning at 12:30. Here's a link to Anna's post about the party at Barnes and Noble. I think she might have slept a little. She is right now planted on the couch anguishing over an issue with a baby. I have not read the Twilight series for reasons that I keep to myself. I'm glad Emily is enjoying it.

Number two, it was equipment pick up for Steelers football. Christopher (CV) and Calvin (LV-little Vos) went with me to the field to pick up their helmets and shoulder pads and girdle and 7 white pads and vest and practice pants and practice jersey and game pants and game jersey and socks and butt pad and belt and mouth guard. I think I got it all. They got weighed and checked out and butt slapped more times than I can count. After that we went to buy the all important "athletic supporter." Best quote of the day was from Christopher, who said when I held up one cup, "Mom, I think it's kind of big." He was right. They got cleats with the proper number of molded cleats in the bottom and Daddy got a whistle to get their attention. There's lots of testosterone in our house today. Poor Emily tolerates it the best she can. Soon we'll have a little more estrogen here. I'm not sure that's such a great thing either tho. The emotions of a 12 year old girl...another time, another post. Little Spencer (MV-mini Vos) got in the action by wearing CV's helmet from last season. Everyone is excited for the start of football practice on Monday. This season we are trying to cope with the fact that the boys only get to play in two games because 6 of the 8 are on Sunday. It was a no-brainer decision for us...Sabbath observance or Football...hmmm. We chose Sabbath observance. However, I was surprised by the reaction of others. Many, many coaches and parents have tried to convince us that we should play. Some of their reasons are: we can go to church on Saturday, we can go to church earlier, we could talk to our pastor and get special permission, and it's a family activity. Several of the parents and coaches, however, admire our ability to live our faith. I hope our example touches someone. I hope next year more games are on Saturday. We are all praying for games to be moved this season still. This is a righteous desire, right? It could happen. I am also praying that the birth of our baby doesn't conflict with any of the games. The two we can attend are September 13 and October 4. I think we should be ok. I'll have the baby on the 19th and we'll be ready to go on by the 4th. Do you hear me, Lizzie? Please plan your arrival around football season or Daddy might not make it to the hospital!!

Where Em's been all day.

Buffalo Stance


Brotherly Love. Don't you love Spence's different colored Crocs?

Let's get tough!!

The tubs of gear. Chris asked me where I'm going to store them. I suggested his side of the bed. He didn't find that amusing. Notice the box beside the tubs. Spence brought that out. It's for his gear. Cute!

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