Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hmm. What about a hole? You ever put anybody in "the box"?

I was arraigned in 35th District Court today. It was all quite exciting! I got into a minor accident a few weeks ago that WAS NOT MY FAULT!! But, in all of the hullabaloo of the accident and worrying about the baby and the car, I didn't think I had my driver's license with me. It wasn't in my wallet. It was in my cupholder and I didn't notice it. So the cop gave me a ticket for not having my license. My attorney told me to make a appointment with the prosecutor so that I could explain everything to him and hopefully get the ticket waived. The appointment was set for Monday, the 25th. However, that was also the day that I needed to take Anna to the doctor and I totally forgot to go see the prosecutor. Uh-oh!

So the prosecutor is in Rotary club with Chris and his dad and luckily he calls Chris to see why didn't I show up. He tells us what to do today, to go back to the court and get a new date. So Chris goes with me this morning and we attempt to get a new date but the court officers tell me that there is a warrant for my arrest because I didn't show up for my appointment yesterday. Yikes! So now I have to see the judge. I was nervous, but felt good knowing that Chris' dad knows the judge and campaigned for him to be elected. Hopefully that is worth something. So I go up to the court room with all the other convicts. There are quite a nice group of us. I don't know where these people that I was with have been hiding out but I have never seen a group like this around Plymouth. The judge goes through all his driving on a suspended license cases and his possession of marijuana case. Finally he gets to me and just asks me what I want to do with my case. I tell him I want to see the prosecutor. He tells me ok. So I'm scheduled for a new date next month.

So what did I learn? It pays to join Rotary and to have an attorney in the family who likes to campaign for judges.


Christopher Sr said...


Stacie said...

Oh no! That sounds scary. Glad it's working out.

Suzy said...

Oh no! Now I'm going to have to buy you some plastic toy handcuffs to go with your baseball fan!! You convict you! Not only can you play the "daughter-in-law of a Vos" card, but you could also play the "I'm nine months preggers with my 6th baby, cut me some freaking slack" card too!! Don't doubt it's capability! Pretend like you're going into labor or something...they'll kick your case out of court so fast, it'll make your head spin. Good luck!!

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