Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

Random Thoughts:

When you are old, you should go live in a retirement community. I don't know why all the resistance to doing this. I would love to go live somewhere that I didn't have to worry about taking care of anything and girls from the local beauty college come and give me pedicures.

When you have been married for 15 years, you get a new bridal shower complete with all new dishes, silver, glassware, pots, towels, bedding, etc...

I am hot. Yesterday at football, I saw a mom wearing a shirt that had one strap and that was it. Just one strap over one shoulder. One shoulder had nothing. She looked very relaxed unlike me sweating like a pig. I sat there realizing that I was wearing four layers. I had on my garment top, my shirt, my undershirt that keeps my shirt modest and my bra. Many of you might not count your bra as a layer but I do. Think Mrs. Doubtfire in his fat suit. That's my counts as a layer. So there I sit in four layers plus a space heater strapped to my middle, roasting while this woman is cool and comfy in her one strap. When I got home, I took off all layers but one and took one arm out just to see what it would be like. It was totally wonderful!! I am not advocating immodesty, but for those few moments I was comfortable. There's really nothing I can do about this. Just thought I'd share.

Pregnancy should be 6 weeks shorter.

Babytalk should be outlawed.

Mrs. Piggle-wiggle's cures should be real and I would add a new one for her. In-laws Butt-out cure.


The Onofrio's said...

you need to write a memoir.

GramMO said...

Your thoughts are exactly why in the summer when I was growing up, my mom (in the house) would only wear her bra on top. When ever someone would come to the door she would yell "bring me a shirt" and one of us girls would run to get it. We of course weren't members then. I always wondered if folks could hear her and what they thought. And P.S. on the cures, I think another good one is "Claim your space". Maybe a visit from the MIL whisperer is in order, it's all about energy....You are a GEM, Jen! Love,:)GMO

GramMO said...

AND besides that...what if men had to wear a cup all the time...They'd be singing a different tune, wouldn't they?, and even with out a 4th layer, hot caramel wouldn't make it better for would be too sad.

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