Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello? There was a stop sign. I totally paused.

I am not the world's best driver. I have had my fair share of car accidents and tickets. I don't really know why I am such a bad driver. Maybe it's because I learned how to drive from my dad. He was a very fast, aggressive driver and was lucky that he didn't get more speeding tickets in his life. Maybe it's because I don't pay enough attention to the road and follow too close.

I got in my first accident when I was 16 and had my license for only 10 months. I was at a stop sign and I swear I looked but I didn't see that there was a car coming and she hit me. It totally stunk. My car was totalled but luckily(?) my cousin fixed it for me in only 2 months time. Not the world's fastest mechanic. I could usually get rides from friends to and from school but there were several occasions where I had to *gasp* ride the bus. Juniors at my high school didn't ride buses. It was a horrible experience and I learned my lesson. No more accidents during high school. That were my fault.

I got hit by a stupid driver my senior year. She was trying to turn the wrong way through several lanes of traffic and hit me. My car was still drivable. Until I went babysitting one night and the people I was babysitting for hit my car in almost exactly the same spot. Hilarious thing is they hit my car on their way out for their date and didn't come in to tell me. Just went along their merry way and didn't tell me they hit my car until they got home. I guess it was okay since one of the kids cut the straps on their Johnny-Jump-Up while I was supposed to be watching him rendering it totally useless. So after they hit my car it made a horrible scraping noise and I couldn't drive it long distances. I got that fixed finally.

During HS I had several tickets including: running a red light(it was totally yellow), tail light out, violation of noise ordinance (my muffler was broken) and plain old speeding.

While I was at BYU I got only two tickets. Both were for speeding coming down from the point of the mountain near Draper on I-15.

Back in Michigan, I got two speeding tickets but no more accidents until we moved to Toledo. In Toledo, I got hit by a truck. It wasn't serious but annoying since it was my fault.

Then back to Michigan, I've been pulled over by the Plymouth or Canton Police 4 times. Twice for speeding, once for turning the wrong way and once for having expired tags. I ran into my in-laws garage door. Forgot to put car in park. ! I rear ended my husband at a red light following him home from a soccer game. I backed into Anna's car in our driveway. I backed into our neighbor's truck a couple of weeks ago leaving a big dent in the back of my van and $2900 worth of damage to his truck. Yesterday, I got rear-ended by a truck that didn't stop soon enough. Luckily, Chris' Jeep is one tough car. The other guy's truck had the bumper smashed into the front wheels. Chris' Jeep had two minor scratches.

So in 18 years, I've had 8 accidents and 12 tickets. That really sounds horrible when I write it out like that and one might think that my insurance is sky high because of my awful driving record. However, luckily my attorney father-in-law has gotten me off on all of the violations that involved points and had them reduced to violations that had no points. Also it doesn't hurt that Chris is in Rotary Club with the judge.

If you see my giant van coming down the road, go the other way. I've been voted number one driver but not in a good way.

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