Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ahh... Halloween's finest *trick*-ortreaters...

I really really really really love Halloween. I love the costumes and scary music and trick or treating and parties and everything. As a child, I usually had a homemade costume. I can remember 2nd grade being Annie. I was the "orphan" Annie complete with raggedy dress and curly red wig. My mom made the whole thing. I got to school and my nemesis, Sue Justen, was the "rich" Annie with the little red dress and the perfect curls. I was annoyed. From then on, I was determined to go the gross route. I was disgusting witch in 3rd grade and disgusting vampire in 4th grade. The more blood and warts the better. After having children of my own, I was determined to make their costumes every year. This worked for several years. Emily has been a homemade Dalmatian, Pooh, Teletubbie, Minnie Mouse, Dorothy, Jessie, Wonder Woman, and Hermione. I've slaved over monkeys, Pokemon, airplane and Mickey Mouse. I love to make costumes! However this year I didn't have time to make any of them. I was lucky to have Grammie sponsor a trip to Halloween USA to get the kids costumes.

This year we had fun going around the "Great Pumpkin Caper" at downtown Plymouth with the Kimballs. It is always so busy but it is still fun and the kids love it.
We carved pumpkins. This year they turned out a little lame. Cameron's pumpkin was so hard I could barely carve it. I just did a tiny mouth and little eyes. It looks stupid. We had fun, tho.

We watched the kids parade at their school. That was really fun too.

Anna helped me plan and execute the Halloween Party for Christopher's class. The party turned out really fun. We had fun, "gross" food for the kids to eat and games for them. Chris did a really fun magic show. Christopher told me the party was "totally awesome" which made me feel good. I couldn't have done it without Anna's help. What would I do without her?

After the party, I took the kids to the hospital to see Grandpa. Everyone in the halls liked seeing the kids dressed up in their costumes. Grandpa seemed in good spirits and is hoping to come home on Monday. It was a short visit because HELLO HAS ANYONE EVER TAKEN 6 KIDS TO THE HOSPITAL????? It isn't pleasant.

After that we had a party for Lucy's birthday and then we went trick or treating. We always trick or treat in Grammy's neighborhood because they give out the best candy. Tons of whole bars. Tony's parents joined us halfway through as Salt and Pepper. They were really cute. We topped off the night with cake for Lucy and her presents, which was also very fun.

The kids all slept together in the basement and had themselves a "candy trading party." I love to here them all getting along and being friends.

Halloween 2008 was a great success! Only 364 days until next Halloween! I'm counting down.


The Onofrio's said...

I love Spencer's face in the trick-or-treating picture...totally him.

Danette said...

You are my hero. I want to love Halloween and this year I was well on my way. You are a great mom-- I'm amazed at all you do.

Sara said...

I think their costumes fit their personalities! Cute pictures -- thanks for sharing! Are you going to get scary next year when you have "more time" (ha, like that ever happens, but it's a nice thought!)???? I'd like to see pictures of you at your wicked-est! Love, Sara

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