Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Thoughts by Jennifer Vos

I didn't vote for either main party candidate for president. I didn't agree with either of them. However, when I listened to Obama's acceptance speech on Tuesday night, I felt energized and excited. I hope he does a good job. If we had to sit down together and discuss politics, he and I would probably not see eye to eye. But, unlike our last democrat in office, I have respect for him and his family. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this opportunity.

Regarding my last whining post, my trial has been our lack of financial security. We have been very insecure this past year. Chris had renegotiated with his employer in September for a deal that was going to take care of everything. The deal fell apart last month and not only are we not getting it, but we are taking a 50% pay cut on top of that. So it's back to the sending out resumes and job hunt. Chris is looking for something from 5-1am to supplement our income. It really stinks right now. I know it's not the worst crisis in the world but it affects us in a big way. I have been thinking about the challenge so much lately. I have faced challenges before that cause me to accept a change to my life that will stay that way forever. Like death or illness. But this challenge can easily be fixed. I guess that's why it seems harder or different because I'm looking for a fix or guidance towards the fix and it hasn't come yet. I will work hard and wait upon the Lord.

I haven't sent thank you notes out yet to people who brought meals and bought gifts for Lizzie. I'm working on them. If you are someone who knows you have one coming, I'm sorry it is taking so long.

I want to play games. Will someone please come over, bring some snacks and play games with me?


Lil said...

Things are really scary right now...especially Michigan in general.

If I lived closer, I would be over tonight for games, with chips and salsa in hand!!!!

Sara said...

I remember when I was a little girl, maybe 12 or so. My dad lost his job during the banking recession in the 80s (he was out of work 3 times for more than a year each time before I was 22). My mom had 7 kids, so she needed to take care of them. My dad cleaned office buildings at night and broke up concrete during the day for a friend who was a contractor -- just to make the basic payments so we didn't lose our house, etc. That lasted for about a year, if you can believe it. It was hard, physical labor for 18 hours a day.

I remember going through the boxes of food that the Relief Society brought from Deseret Storehouse. There were some really yummy things we looked forward to and for some reason, the kids had no idea that we were "poor" for that season -- we had food, we had shelter and we had each other! What a blessing that was to have support during those times from the ward. My mother said that if for nothing else, my father's posterity will honor him for keeping his children's mother in the home during that critical time.

You are by no means living something that nobody else understands -- you are not alone in your worry!! I know Chris will find something that he can manage until another permanent job opens up. He's resourceful, willing to work hard, willing to allow you to be a mother and is a cheerful soul. So many people would love to have him work for them. It will be fine when it all shakes out!

Your sacred job is to focus on your children and make sure they aren't bearing the stress of the adults. I am always sad when our kids hear us talking about problems and then they express concern that they are too young to be feeling. I have to be careful about who's listening...

You know, I could use some down time, too! A game and snacks is a good idea -- diversion always renews one's energy! Hugs and smiles!

Nicole said...

I love playing games. I can be one of your game buddies on Saturday. I especially love wordy cames like Upwords and Scrabble.

Diana said...

Darn it. I hate that we have trials but we all have them and to be honest it's comforting to hear other peoples because it makes me feel that for sure, I am not alone. Thank you for being real enough to share.

I wish I lived in Michigan--I'd bring my best games and some really yummy food. Then, I'd hold Lizzie while we played.

The Onofrio's said...

me, me, me, can it be me?

Danette said...

This is so familiar to me and it makes me cry and hurt each time I hear of another friend going through this. And I know that no one can really say anything to make it better (although your words to me last year were comforting to me.) I am sorry. What I have learned is that we can feel peace even though our lives are seemingly falling apart. I will repost a quote that helped me a little (there were many), so check my blog. Oh, one more thing. Something that doesn't necessarily seem like a blessing but that stands out to me (and Ryan did similar things-) It is a blessing that your husband is willing to do whatever it takes to financially provide. It is humbling for an educated, hard working man to do things that are seemingly "below" him to bring in income. However, it is a blessing that he will work hard. Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers...

Suzy said...

We're up for me with the details.

Can we call it a pity party? Cause I'm totally down with that.

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