Friday, November 7, 2008

Are you pretty, Lizzie?

Our little Lizzie turned one month old today. I wish I could take her and freeze her just like she is now. I can't believe how big she has gotten in just a month. She is a good baby...a little fussy at bedtime is my only complaint about her. She is still sleeping with me. I's a big no-no. I tried to put her in her cradle last night. The whole time she was in there I kept thinking about her and wishing she was with me. Finally, I just went and got her. I'm a softie.

She doesn't have any new accomplishments or talents. She is just cute and soft and smells really great. Most often she has a little perplexed look on her face. Its like she can't quite believe this is real. She also has quite a bit of baby acne. I'm hoping this is the only time she will have a less than flawless complexion. It's everything I can do to not pop those tiny zits.

She's really very sweet and I like her a lot.


Mark Brown said...

I think being cute and soft and nice-smelling is an accomplishment all its own. I mean really, how many of us can claim to be all three of those things?

The Onofrio's said...

She has such perfect lips

Tenise said...

My little boy has the same birthday, and I agree completely with the whole freeze him like he is right now thing!

Oh, and he's still sleeping with me too. If somehow I nap without him I do sleep better, but I always feel a little cheated. At night I can't go to sleep without him. Like a warm little cuddley teddybear.

Tenise said...

Oh, and she is so beautiful!!

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