Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just smile and wave boys

It's been one of those days. Full of interesting events. Our rocking chair completely broke. It has been on it's last legs for about a week now and today it officially gave up. It is off its rocker. :)

Cameron experimented with Emily's lipstick. Sorry, Em! This pic was taken after he tried to wash it off a little.

Then he dumped his water at dinner. At least it was water and not juice, right? There's always a silver lining.

Then he and Spence bathed in my tub with the whirlpool jets on and made a sudsy mess. They looked cute tho. Again the silver lining.

This is Lizzie's first experience in her crib. She looks very skeptical about the whole thing.

Cameron's first experience in the big boy bed. Right after I took this he jumped off and I can't get him back in. I'm not seeing any silver lining on this one.

This may be the last photo you see on the blog for a while because as I was just typing the above sentence, Cameron grabbed the camera off my desk and threw it on the concrete laundry room floor. It will not turn on.

I was going to write a cute paragraph about Elder Wirthlin's talk from General Conference and how I have been able to laugh through my trials today but losing my camera is too much to bear. I am not smiling.

I can't take a picture of my frown, so this will have to do.

***Since this post was published 5 minutes ago. I was able to fix the camera. And Chris came home with a gently used La-Z-Boy from his mom to replace our broken rocker.

Here's the smile:

Never lose faith.


Danette said...

I listened to and read that talk today, too. I loved it and thought of you. It has been hard for me to laugh today, but I will try harder tomorrow.

Stacie said...

Awesome. That was all in one day? Wow. The pictures are great. Way to keep perspective. I needed you around last night when I had absolutely no perspective. At least today is a new day!

Suzy said...

I was just thinking about that talk. I really liked it too. I'm glad that everything turned out okay at the end of the day.

Sara said...

Awwwww, the joys of a busy day! The children do keep us on our toes and staying 2 steps ahead of them seems so ominous at times! We've had a night wanderer, too. Consistency, consistency, consistency is key. One note: please figure out how to LOCK or BIND your fridge handles, or you may wake up to a fridge being left open all night and losing all your frozen and fresh food. I speak from experience..... And one other note, this, too, shall pass. I promise.

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