Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maw, maw, maw, maw, maw

Chris was gone to Houston for three days. The kids, while very sad to see Daddy go, had been planning the sleeping arrangements in Mom's room before the wheels were up on his 737. Last night we slept as follows: Emily and Lizzie in Mom's bed, Christopher in the chair, Calvin and Spencer on the floor. In the morning, Cameron joined the girls in the bed. We laid there and watched "Little Einsteins" together. Pretty soon I heard Christopher say, "I think if their parents knew they were flying to Egypt in a jet, they wouldn't be able to go." His comment totally cracked me up and then made me ponder all the crazy things cartoon kids do without parental involvement.

Little Einsteins is one example. They are always going somewhere like Egypt or Venice or to fight Big Jet to a spider web. Are their parents aware that they have a secret lair in the tree in their backyard and a jet that can also turn into a helicopter or submarine or whatever? Are these parents like the parents of the Columbine killers who didn't know their kids had guns in the garage? What's up Little Einsteins moms and dads? Get more involved in your kids lives!

What about Max and Ruby? Who left Ruby in charge? She is the meanest, grouchiest sister out there. It's always, "No Max" or "Stop it, Max." I would hate to have a sister like Ruby. Occasionally you see the grandma but she only enables Ruby's bad behavior. You never see parents.

What community would let the Peanuts Gang use their community center or school gym or whatever it is to put on a Christmas pageant with no apparent adult supervision? If it weren't for Linus, this thing would be a total bust. And where are Pigpen's parents? CPS would be called in two seconds if you sent your kid to school with bugs flying around him.

How many parents wouldn't notice that Tommy Pickles has a screwdriver and a bottle in his diaper almost all the time? I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't miss that.

Curious George would not get in so much trouble if the Man in the Big Yellow Hat wasn't leaving him alone all the time. Have you seen the airport episode? He leaves him all alone at least three times. In a busy airport. What an idiot! Also, does no one in the cartoon think it is weird that he is raising a monkey as a boy? It all seems perfectly normal.

Don't get me started on Caillou. This kid is the most annoying, whiniest, complaining kid there is. He needs a firm swat to the backside and to sit in his room for an afternoon.

I really do love cartoons. Some of my favorite shows are cartoons. I was just laying there this morning thinking about CV's comment and started to think about cartoon life. It's a good thing Chris will be home soon. I guess I need some adult conversation!

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