Monday, September 22, 2008

Get out of town. You must let me do the baby shower.

You can't throw a baby shower for baby #6. It's really not right. I am a firm believer in one shower for first baby. I will bend my rule if you are having a new baby of different gender from other children. Then a second shower is acceptable. That's how I feel about showers.

Other people don't have the same feelings as I do. With this baby, I had many, many offers of sweet women wanting to throw me a shower. I appreciate their love and kindness so much. I know they wanted to do it because they care about me and are excited for me and the baby. However, I gave them all a firm, "N.O."

A couple of the more persistent ones insisted on a shower for me anyways. They called it a "Baby Celebration Lunch" and promised no games or big to do. I made Anna promise there would be no balloons. She was true to her word.

Saturday, they treated me to lunch at Chili's. We laughed and talked and ate and it was really fun. I did get a few gifts that were very practical--diaper wipes, bottles, a few cute clothes. I am so blessed to live in a ward full of women who are real and nice and unpretentious. I'm not sure how it happened that so many great women have settled in one place but I am thankful for my associations with them. I do love all of them.

Thank you to Amy, Rachel, Lisa, Theresa, Alisha and Anna! You really made me feel special!

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Nicole Bullock said...

Looks like a fun group of people. I like the baby celebration lunch idea.I've always thought it was odd when people have showers for every single baby; but I can imagine its nice to get some new stuff so the younger ones don't feel like they only lived off worn-out bottles and hand-me-downs. Glad you had a great time.

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