Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, like that, only that instead of a chair it's a pile of garbage. And instead of a jacket it's a pile of garbage.

We cleaned the basement. I no longer have the world's messiest basement. I can't tell you what a relief that is. I didn't take any before pictures because it would be too embarrassing to post. I did take some after shots and a shot of the trash we took out to the curb today. I'll just leave what the mess looked like to your imagination, however I will tell you that it did involve using the snow shovel and Chris had to take 5 Valium total to survive it. This was his first time in the basement in over a year. It stressed him out to even go down and see it. It was RRREEEEAAAAAALLLLLLYYYY bad. The kids are so happy! They have a place to play and toys again. There were toys down there that Cameron hasn't even seen before. It's been like Christmas for him! I have vowed to stay on top of it, to teach my kids to be more responsible and to never let it get even close to that again.

I really have the best husband in the world to endure the mess and then to help clean it. He is wonderful.


Suzy said...

Look at you with your neatly organized shelves of plastic bins! Congrats on reclaiming the basement! It sounds like the last big nesting hurrah before baby comes! Chris is a real hero (valium and all!!)

Stacie said...

Good for you! How awesome to have reclaimed your space. Now you can cross that resolution off the list. Looks great!

Brenda said...

I love how often you make me laugh out loud -- and cry sometimes too. Everyone should have a friend like you to keep life in perspective. I didn't need any before pictures -- I pulled from memory some visions of the entire upstairs floor of a house on Heatherdown and your dad's frustration at not being able to get up there to whip something into shape.

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