Friday, September 5, 2008

You wear too much eye makeup. My sister wears too much.

I have never worn very much makeup. I like it and I think it's pretty, but I just don't wear it very often. Usually I do for church or a date with Chris, but sometimes I forget. I never wear foundation because it feels fakie to me. I usually just wear lipstick and a little eyeshadow. My favorite lipstick that I still wear I bought the day after I got married. The tube has lasted me almost 14 years. I have always been a Clinique girl, even though the Arbonne rep says its made of all bad stuff. However, I can no longer afford to be a Clinique girl. I needed a new lipstick since I lost my 14 year old tube. (Luckily, I found the tube during the basement cleanup. Yea!!) I headed to the local CVS to see what I could find. I am pleased to report that I struck gold. I purchased a product called Outlast Double LipShine. This product is two parts: the color and then the gloss. It looks pretty on and it lasts forever! I put it on Sunday for church, ate two meals, slept, ate another meal and went swimming the next day and it was still on. My sister asked me why I was getting all fancy for the backyard pool. Who has heard of lipstick that lasts 24 hours? My Clinique never did. I am recommending this product to anyone looking for a great lipstick.

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