Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Thoughts from the Westland Mall

So, I'm still pregnant. Nothing is happening. I am almost hoping that it doesn't happen until after Saturday. Saturday is the boy's second and last football game. For Calvin, it is the only game he gets to play in. It is also Homecoming which means extra festivities that moms and dads need to be there for. If I go into labor by Thursday, I would be able to attend. If I go Friday or Saturday, I will miss. I will not have Chris miss. If the horrible happens and I go Saturday, Anna will have to be my coach. Chris has to be at the game with them. That's not selfish of me is it? Will Lizzie feel slighted later in life is Chris misses her birth for a football game? I hope not because if she does that's just too freaking bad. She has had ample time to come out and if she picks Saturday that's her own fault. :)

I went to the Westland Mall this morning to walk around and maybe get my slow moving cervix moving faster. I am not a mall frequenter. I can't remember the last time I went...maybe in March to get Emily's ears pierced. I am always shocked by the things I see there.

I am pretty sure that Satan and his minions live at Spencer's Gifts.

Some store called "Forever 21" was selling a crested sweater. The crest was exactly like the one on my HS uniform blazer. I could totally be in if I had saved that blazer!

Victoria's Secret is selling U of M t-shirts.'s been a long time since I've worn lingerie and even longer since I've been in a Victoria's Secret but since when are college t-shirts considered lingerie? I really want to know.

Charging $0.75 for a little kid to ride a little car for 3 seconds should be punishable by law.

All of my favorite scents are no longer available at Bath and Body Works. :(


lissyfarnz said...

Jennifer, you are a riot! Even in your hour of need, you are still making me laugh! Shouldn't it be the other way around? Sorry your trip to the mall wasn't more pleasant. I'm praying for you!

Lil said... are NOT being selfish to encourage Chris to go to the game. I would call that unselfish. You are thinking of your other children that will remember that day and that they had a parent in the stands.

Thank goodness for Anna and that she will be there if you need her.

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