Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Top Five 9/1/08

Top Five Favorite Years of School

1. Senior Year. It was awesome! I had friends, I was confident in who I was, I was class president, I did well in school, I loved my teachers and classes. I loved Senior year.

2. Second Grade. My teacher was a little scary but she liked me. Also was the year Anna was born.

3. Fourth Grade. My teacher was so nice and sweet. Met my lifelong friend, Marybeth, during this year.

4. Seventh Grade. My teacher was my friend, Marybeth's mom, so she liked me. I had great friends this year and I really liked what I was learning.

5. Freshman Year. It started a little rocky...I didn't wear enough deodorant the first day of school. I highly recommend wearing a lot of deodorant on the first day. All in all, it was a good school year.

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